About Video Conference

Finding the Right Video Conference Solution

Video conference technology has become an essential business tool, enabling cost-effective collaboration across increasingly dispersed and mobile workforces. When choosing a video conference solution for your organization, pay close attention to these factors to ensure that you get the best return on your investment:

Video quality and reliability. Poor quality or interruption-prone video can impair communication and waste precious time. Choose a video conferencing provider that uses only the most advanced video and networking technologies. High rates of growth and customer retention are also good indicators that the provider is delivering a high quality, reliable service.

Speed of deployment. How quickly can the video conference solution be up and running in your business?

  • Ease of use. To ensure wide adoption and value within your organization, the video conference service must be easy for moderators and participants to use.

  • Potential for integration. Will the video conference solution integrate seamlessly into your evolving unified communications strategy?

  • Customer service. Can you count on the provider for attentive customer service before, during, and after conferences?

Arkadin: Video Conference Solutions from the Collaboration Specialists

Arkadin provides best-of-breed phone conference, video conference, and web conference solutions that support efficient, effective remote collaboration for more than 14,000 businesses and millions of end users around the globe. Organizations using ArkadinVideo™, our video conference solution, enjoy benefits including:

  • Superior HD video quality and reliability, based on innovative Scalable Video Coding (H.264 SVC) technology and a highly intelligent private IP network that utilizes Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) for greater resilience and service quality.

  • A cloud service model that minimizes impact on your internal IT resources and allows for rapid deployment even for global enterprises.

  • Intuitive web-based interfaces that make it simple to plan, moderate, and join conferences.

  • Support for integrated video and web conferencing, as well as premium audio conferencing and event broadcasting, all from the same provider.

  • Outstanding customer service. Unlike some providers for whom conferencing is just one of many product areas, Arkadin is devoted solely to delivering high quality audio, web, and video conferencing solutions and backing those solutions with attentive, custom-tailored service and support. With 45 offices in 27 countries, and 24/7/365 customer care in 14 languages, Arkadin's dedication to localized service is one of the main reasons that we've earned strong loyalty from our customers in an age when such loyalty is rare.