About Video and Web Conferencing

The Essential Tools for 21st Century Collaboration

As modern business operations grow more mobile and global, video and web conferencing have become essential tools of trade. Video and web conferencing each have their own strengths as means of remote real-time collaboration, and video and web conferencing can also be used effectively in combination.

A video conference, by enabling participants to see each other's facial expressions and body language, allows for richer communication than the traditional phone conference. Video conferences are also well suited for demonstrating products or processes to remote audiences. Done regularly, video conferencing can also help build team spirit across a company's geographically separated offices.


A web conference or web meeting enables remote collaborators to have a shared desktop computer experience. Web conferencing is ideal for use in cases like project presentations, collaborative review of digital content, and helpdesk support.


Video and web conferencing integrated together allow for a compelling communication and collaboration experience, in a variety of usages like project status meetings for dispersed workforces, software product demonstrations, employee training, and remote education.


Video and Web Conferencing Solutions from Arkadin

Arkadin is a leading global provider of audio, video and web conferencing solutions and services. Servicing more than 25,500 organisations and millions of users worldwide, Arkadin offers a range of feature-rich, easy to use video and web conferencing solutions for today's remote collaboration challenges, including:

  • ArkadinAnywhere. ArkadinAnywhere is an integrated, on-demand audio and web conferencing solution that's ideal for everyday on line collaboration. The service requires no downloads or installations for meeting participants and is very easy to use, even for novices.

  • ArkadinAnytime with Cisco WebEx. This solution integrates Cisco WebEx web collaboration software with Arkadin's premier audio conferencing service, ArkadinAnytime.

  • ArkadinVideo. ArkadinVideo is our highly reliable HD video service that connects regular laptops and PCs into multi-point video conferences, as well as supporting modern and legacy room systems. ArkadinVideo easily integrates into Arkadin's web conferencing solutions, delivering a powerful and user-friendly video and web conferencing experience.

​All of Arkadin's video and web conferencing solutions are backed by our exceptional local operator service, available in 14 languages around the globe, 24x7x365.