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Unified Communications Drive Business Productivity and Agility

Leading businesses are adopting Unified Communications at a rapid rate, drawn to its clear benefits. Integrating real-time and non-real-time communication media into a common platform with a common interface, unified communications systems deliver substantial business value including:

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Enhanced user productivity. Unified communications systems enable workers to spend less time managing disparate business communication streams (desk phone, mobile phone, voice mail, email, texts, faxes) and more time doing valuable work. For example, with unified communications, an on-the-go employee can have a single number that rings all of her phones, and a single mailbox that stores voicemail, email, and faxes.


Greater business responsiveness. Being able to reach the right personnel at the right time can mean the difference between winning or losing a sale, or satisfying or frustrating a customer. With unified communications, organisations can always know the connectivity status of key personnel and the best way to reach them, improving organisational responsiveness and agility.


Streamlined management. The right unified communication provider can serve all of your communication and collaboration needs, so that you only need to deal with one contract, one invoice, one training programme, and one support service.

Arkadin: The Right Choice for Unified Communications

Arkadin is the business communication and on line collaboration solutions provider of choice for thousands of organisations worldwide. Remote collaboration specialists since our inception in 2001, Arkadin offers a combination of benefits to businesses in need of unified communications solutions:

  • Fast and easy deployment. Arkadin provides unified communications as a service, delivered from the cloud. As a cloud-based service, Arkadin's unified communications solutions have a very small on-site footprint and can be up and running quickly even for large, multinational organisations.

  • Comprehensive solutions. In combination with top-tier technology partners like Microsoft and Cisco, Arkadin offers solutions for every type of business communication and collaboration need, from phone conference service to cutting edge web collaboration software that facilitates conferencing online.

  • Outstanding localised service. With 45 offices in 27 countries, Arkadin is committed to providing exceptional localised customer service, wherever and whenever our clients need us. For example, we make live operator support available for every domestic and global conference call, in 14 languages.