About Unified Communication

Unified Communication: One Single Solution

Leading businesses today are either using unified communication or planning to implement it. Unified communication integrates all of an organisation's real-time and non-real-time communication systems onto a common platform and provides users a consistent interface and experience across device and media types. In a sense, unified communications reverse the fragmentation that characterised the business communications arena for much of the past few decades. Technological advances coupled with changing workforce dynamics for years drove a proliferation of business communication mechanisms, including voicemail, fax, email, mobile calls, mobile texting, instant messaging, and audio, video, and web conferencing. With the new forms came benefits but also new problems, as users struggled to manage all this fragmented information and co-workers and partners wondered how best to reach each other at any given time.

Facilitated largely by the convergence on IP networking as the underlying platform for all devices and media, unified communication pulls the many forms of business information exchange back together into a coherent whole, for greater ease of use and productivity. For example, unified communication solutions provide workers an integrated 'mailbox' that stores all types of messages (voicemail, email, fax) and can be accessed from any type of device (PC, mobile phone). As another example, unified communication enables users to have a single phone number that simultaneously rings all the phones that they use.

Arkadin for the Best in Unified Communication

Arkadin is a premier provider of conferencing and international collaboration solutions and services. For organisations seeking unified communications services, Arkadin is the clear choice:

  • Unmatched expertise. Since our founding in 2001, Arkadin has focused exclusively on the business communications and collaboration market, and as business collaboration specialists, we have developed a depth of expertise. Our thousands of customer organisations worldwide benefit from this expertise in the form of first class consulting and support services.

  • Cloud delivery. Arkadin delivers its conference call and unified communication solutions from "the cloud", enabling customers to deploy services quickly, easily, and with minimal up-front cost.

  • The best technology. In combination with our own next-generation private IP platform and proprietary conferencing calls technologies, Arkadin partners with leading software providers like Cisco and Microsoft to deliver the best available unified communication solutions.

  • Exceptional service. At Arkadin, we consider ourselves first and foremost a service organisation. This mind-set shows in the attentive, customised service that we provide our clients through all stages of service implementation, from planning and design through to roll-out and ongoing support.