About Online Meetings

The New Era of Remote Collaboration

The internet has changed nearly everything about how business is conducted, and that includes how communication and collaboration take place within and between companies. On line meetings utilizing internet connectivity have become a preferred way spanning distances to manage projects, make announcements, deliver training, and much more. Arkadin is a leading enabler of this new way of doing business, providing thousands of businesses and public organisations worldwide with the tools and services they need to conduct effective on line meetings.


Online Meetings: Voice Over IP

Leveraging a leading edge cloud collaboration platform, ArkadinAnytime is an IP-based phone conference service that delivers superior reliability, security, and ease-of-use. Arkadin's platform is built on a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) private network with dedicated bandwidth reservation, ensuring the best quality phone conference service and maximum resiliency. Each conference, whether domestic or international, is hosted on a single local bridge, with an intelligent router determining the most appropriate bridge for each conference. This eliminates the need for an IP link between several bridges and distinguishes Arkadin from other global conferencing providers, whose services host participants in the same on line meeting on different bridges.


On Line Meetings: Video Conferencing

It used to be that a video conference meant everybody gathering in a room around a complex piece of equipment that only one support person knew how to operate. In the era of on line meetings, video conferencing more often means point-to-point connections among multiple PCs and laptops with webcams, with the multiple points linked through the internet. ArkadinVideo is a web-based HD video service that enables up to 15 point-participants to engage in face-to-face on line meetings from anywhere in the world. While the system requires participants to have only a personal computer, webcam, and high speed internet connection, ArkadinVideo also supports any standards-based modern room system, and through our gateway technology supports legacy systems like Polycom and Tandberg.


On Line Meetings: Web Conferencing

For some collaboration needs, the web conferencing meeting is the ideal solution. A web meeting enables widely distributed participants to share an interactive computer desktop view, and is perfect for usages such as PowerPoint presentations, collaborative review of documents or software applications, and helpdesk support. Arkadin offers a range of solutions for these types of on line meetings, supporting use cases from everyday project status meetings on up to large-scale event webcasts. Arkadin solutions also support easy integration of video and web conferencing, enabling conferees to see each other while they're participating in a "webinar" or brainstorming about a document or application.