About Online Collaboration

Reap the Benefits of On Line Collaboration

On line collaboration is a key component in many organisations, and has caught the attention of organisations that are not yet engaging in it. To some extent, all forms of conferencing are "on line" collaboration in today's internet-driven economy. Even audio-only conferencing tends to leverage the IP networking infrastructure of the internet; and video conferencing now often consists of webcam-equipped personal computers with internet connections. But on line collaboration more particularly means a web conferencing meeting – sometimes called a virtual meeting.


On Line Collaboration Use Cases

On line collaboration through web conferencing enables multiple participants at separate locations to share the same interactive computer desktop view. Like other forms of remote collaboration, on line collaboration saves organisations the time and expense of travelling to work together in person. But on line collaboration also delivers unique benefits that traditional audio and video conferencing can't match, for purposes such as:

Slide presentations. PowerPoint and other types of slide deck presentations have become a staple of the modern business meeting. With on line collaboration, each participant sees the slide show on their own computer as the moderator moves through it, and all can discuss the presentation through the integrated audio connection and on line messaging.

Collaborative digital work. Often, collaborative work products in today's business environment are digital: documents, presentations, graphics, software applications, and so on. With on line meetings, remote collaborators can co-produce digital work through their shared desktop view, with the moderator implementing participants' suggestions or even passing control of the desktop over to individual participants.

Software training or technical support. On line collaboration is ideal for training remote employees on how to use software applications, enabling instructors to demonstrate operations and facilitating rich interaction among training participants. Likewise, for technical support, support representatives can initiate on line collaboration sessions with customers to demonstrate solutions and even take temporary control over a customer's desktop to directly implement the fix.


Arkadin: On Line Collaboration Made Easy

Arkadin is a leading conferencing and collaboration solutions provider, servicing thousands of organisations and millions of users worldwide. Our cloud-based audio, video, and web conferencing services make on line collaboration easy, with rapid deployment for even the largest multinational enterprises. Because Arkadin's web collaboration software is delivered as a web service, regular call participants require only a standard browser and internet connection. The Arkadin web conference service is integrated with Arkadin's premier quality audio conferencing service, and is user-friendly enough to quickly put beginners at ease. With a single click the service supports an integrated video web conference that displays participant video feeds around the perimeter of the shared interactive desktop.