About International Collaboration

Finding the Right Support for International Collaboration

Once the concern of only a small number of very large corporations, international collaboration is now part of regular operations for a great many businesses. The need to coordinate with outsourcing providers and with suppliers, partners, and customers in different countries has brought international collaboration into the mainstream. For many businesses finding the right conferencing and collaboration solutions provider means finding a provider who can support your current or future needs for international collaboration.

Increasingly, businesses are concluding that the right provider is Arkadin, specialists in conferencing and remote collaboration since 2001. Our expertise in and superior support for global collaboration is a major reason why Arkadin is one of the world's fastest growing conferencing solutions providers.


Arkadin: The Best Choice for International Collaboration

Several factors distinguish Arkadin as your best choice for international collaboration solutions and services:

Unrivalled experience and expertise. In contrast to most providers in the collaboration market, Arkadin is solely focused on conferencing and collaboration products and services, and has been since our creation in 2001. Through specialisation has come significant expertise, which we apply to help our customers select and implement international collaboration services ideally suited to their business needs.


Superior global infrastructure. Arkadin's global networking infrastructure is specifically designed to support the demands of international collaboration. For example, a next-generation intelligent dispatch system routes all connections for a particular international conference call to the single bridge that can most efficiently support that call. Hosting all of a conference's connections on a single bridge eliminates the need for IP linking between multiple bridges and thereby improves reliability and transmission quality. Further, Arkadin's system enables all participants in a global conference call to use the same set of access numbers, regardless of their location.

Complete solutions. Different types of international collaboration needs call for different types of conferencing, and Arkadin can help you with the full range of options including audio-only conferencing, video calls, and on line collaboration in the form of web conferencing (the "virtual meeting").

Arkadin can also deliver unified communications services that seamlessly provide for all of your collaboration needs. Worldwide localised service. With 45 offices in 27 countries, Arkadin provides attentive, localised customer service to clients around the world. Live local operator support is available for every conference, 24x7x365, in 14 different languages.