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A Quick Introduction to Conference Calling Features

Conference calling is a vital part of how modern business is conducted. For organisations looking for the best means of procuring conference calling capabilities, there's much to consider. What follows are just some of the features to check for with each of the major types of conference call.

Audio Conference Calling

The audio conference call is the grand-daddy of conference calls, but the technology has evolved. Among other things, look for a provider who can deliver:


  • High-intelligence private IP infrastructure, for the best in security, reliability, and scalability.

  • The ability to integrate your own IP network into the provider's platform via SIP trunking, a potential cost saver for large enterprises.

  • Efficient support for international audio conferencing calling.

  • Support for on-demand as well as pre-scheduled conference calls.

  • Live local operator support, even for global calls.

Video Conference Calling

With video conferencing solutions, keep your eye out for:


  • Support for point-to-point video conference calling (between multiple PCs with webcams) as well as for modern and legacy room systems.

  • Ease of use, so that novices and persons wary of video conference calling can quickly be won over.

  • High definition picture resolution.

  • Support for a good number of participants without degradation of video quality.

Web Conference Calling

With a web conference service, which allows multiple geographically separated participants to share an interactive computer desktop view, the features to watch for include:


  • Again, ease of use, to ensure widespread adoption and utlilisation across your enterprise.

  • Interactivity features such as file sharing, inline chat, group whiteboard, and the ability to pass control of the main desktop view from one participant to another.

  • The ability to easily integrate video conferencing into a web conferencing meeting.

  • Support for the full range of web conference calling use cases, from daily project status meetings on up to large-scale professionally managed webcasts.

Arkadin: The Conference Calling Specialists

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