Managing Beyond the Remote Workforce

Strike the right balance between the needs of your business and your flexible workforce

The need for an always-on, always-available business model is forcing organisations to reconsider their processes and operations. Many businesses are also facing increased requests for flexible working provisions from their own employees who demand greater control over their personal and private lives.

So how can a business manage their concerns regarding remote workers and reap the well-publicised productivity benefits of the empowered workforce?

Read our eBook to learn the steps needed to ensure a smooth transition to a remote workforce (for both employees and the company) such as:

  • Ensuring remote workers understand corporate expectations and have suitable policies written into their employment contracts.
  • Securing C-suite buy-in for the corporate remote working strategy, and ensuring they continue to champion the project throughout.
  • Setting objectives and carrying out a phased deployment to overcome initial problems without major downtime or losses of productivity.
  • Ensuring employees have access to the right tools to keep them constantly connected, whilst enabling management to deal with a remote workforce.

Find out how to strike the right balance between the management needs of your business and the needs of your flexible workforce: "The Connected Business: Managing Beyond the Remote Workforce".