• Arkadin Anytime / Arkadin Anywhere
    • Who provides my audio conferencing services?

      Your audio conference services are provided by the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd., a well established and reliable global audio and web conferencing provider.

    • What is audio conferencing?

      Also known as phone conferencing or teleconferencing, audio conferencing allows multiple people, from any geographic location, to speak with each other on one telephone call.

    • How do I set up an audio conference?

      To conduct an audio conference all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial in, using the telephone number and PIN code that you have been provided. You can dial in from any telephone, mobile or audio conferencing unit at any time, anywhere in the world. Conferencing services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    • What can moderators do?

      Moderators can:

      • Fully participate in the call
      • Mute/Unmute their own line
      • Speak to someone from customer service
      • Mute/Unmute everyone else’s lines
      • Lock/Unlock the conference
      • Check the status of the conference
      • Arrange to have the call recorded
      • Isolate the last caller

      Further details on the service features are available on the access card you received in your welcome pack and in the Anytime User Guide.

    • What can regular attendees do?

      Regular attendees can:

      • Fully participate in the call
      • Mute/Unmute their own line
      • Speak to someone from customer service

      Further details on service features are available in the Anytime User Guide.

    • What’s the difference between a moderator and a regular attendee?

      The main difference between being a moderator (logging in with a moderator PIN) and being a regular attendee (participant PIN) is the different functions you can access within the conference (details below).

    • How do I dial into an audio conference?

      Simply call your toll-free or toll access number and enter your moderator or participant PIN code.

    • Can I use audio conference facilities from abroad?

      Yes, you can call your toll access number or we also provide a list of international toll-free access numbers or geographic numbers that you can call while abroad.

    • Can I use audio conference facilities from my mobile phone?

      Yes, you can just dial in normally.

    • Do I need to pre-book my conference calls?

      No, with Anytime, you never need to pre-book your conference calls. Once your account has been created, simply invite your participants to the meeting and provide your access number, participant PIN code, and the date and time of your call.

    • Can I record my conference call?

      Yes, although there is a small charge made for this equivalent to another person joining the conference. Only a moderator (dialed in with a moderator PIN) can record a call. You can also dial *0 during your call for customer service assistance. Full details on how to record and playback a previously recorded conference can be found in the Anytime User Guide.

    • How long does the conference system keep recordings for?

      The system keeps the last 15 recordings that have been made for your conference for 30 days. If a 16th recording is made, the oldest previous recording will be deleted.

    • Can I mute everyone else but myself?

      Yes, but only if you are the moderator. Full details on how to mute all participant lines can be found in the Anytime User Guide.

    • Why should I use the mute feature vs. my telephone mute feature?

      By using the mute feature you will be sure to block out any background noise, static or possible “hold music” that comes from your line. Your phone mute feature may or may not block static or hold music.

    • Can I share my conference details for my colleague’s own use?

      We discourage the practice of sharing accounts for a few reasons. Charges may be incorrectly allocated to you when you did not use the service. Also, multiple hosts may schedule separate calls at the same time using the same account details which will cause confusion and wasted time. If other colleagues need conferencing services, we would recommend that they obtain their own account. There is no extra charge for setting up additional users.

    • How can I ensure confidentiality in my conference and stop more people from joining?

      The moderator can ‘Lock’ an audio conference. This means that other individuals will not be able to join. Full details on how to lock a conference can be found in the Anytime User Guide.

    • If I have a problem with my conference, how do i get help?

      If you are in your conference, press (*0) to speak to a customer service operator. If you are not in your conference, contact Customer Services

    • With what areas can customer service help me?

      They can:

      • Help with any problems you may experience dialing into a conference
      • Dial other people into a conference for you
      • Tell you the status of your conference (locked, unlocked, muted, un-muted, etc.)
      • Help with potential sound quality problems
      • Help with recording the call


    • I’m still not sure how to use the audio conferencing services, where can I get more training?

      The Customer Service teams will be happy to provide you with additional training. Register on our Support / Dedicated training sessions section

  • Vision
    • How do I start Vision?

      You will find in your Welcome Email the URL to go in order to launch ArkadinVision. Once there, enter your Web Login and Moderator Pin. You may be able to save them within your browser to not enter them each time you want to join your meeting room.

    • Can I connect to Vision through my mobile?

      Yes, from the Arkadin mobile applications available on the Apple Store or Google Play, you are able to join a meeting or manage a meeting. The app allows you to share your video and audio and to get the audio, video and the content shared by the other attendees. With the Apple Store or Google Play just enter “Arkadin” in the search bar, download the app and enter once your Web Login and Moderator or Participant Pin code.

    • Where can I find training content to get the most of the solution?

      You should have received an email titled “Welcome to the Arkadin SmartStart” a couple of days after the first Arkadin Welcome Email. You will find in this email a link to the SmartStart website which gives you all the information you need to start, schedule and manage a meeting in just a few minutes.

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