Streamline Cloud Voice costs & infrastructure

Maintaining a traditional communications infrastructure across several locations worldwide is complex, time-consuming and expensive, especially if you manage multiple carriers and maintain PBX solutions at each site.

Moving your communications to the cloud can significantly reduce costs.

Cloud Communications lets you keep all the benefits of your current telephony and communications solutions without the cost of having to maintain hardware and support staff. Combining both enterprise voice and UC from a single, global supplier allows you to streamline systems and processes, remove the complexity of multiple carriers and benefit from economies of scale.

Customer who move to Coud Voice see 40-60% savings on average.

With thorough analysis and detailed planning, we make sure your business transformation stays on track and delivers exactly what you need. Instead of a standardized one-size-fits-all approach, we identify your use cases and define the most appropriate voice design for your business, no matter if you have 300 employees or 300,000. Tailored cloud PBX solutions and elastic services that  utomatically adapt to your consumption ensure that you get exactly what you require and only pay for what you use.

Choose to include a mix and match solution using Microsoft or Cisco Calling plans, NTT’s own global calling plans, or choose to Bring your Own Carrier to extend your reach to additional countries. No matter the scenario, we help you consolidate voice services under one single provider, simplify voice rollouts and future-proof your communications as you choose to move to modern workplace solutions.

For more information on how to streamline your voice infrastructureand costs, see our solutions and services below.

We had a disparate phone system - one in Montreal, Canada, two in the US and a separate one in Lyon, France. Each of those had their own telephone bills, online charges and so on. We were able to consolidate that into one solution; one bill and they gave us great rates for all these locations.



Take a detailed look at our solutions and how they can help you.

Microsoft Teams Calling
Microsoft Teams Calling

Transition your calling to the cloud with Microsoft Teams Calling. We fully integrate cloud calling into Microsoft Teams with simple, flexible Universal Calling Plans and full PSTN replacement

Webex calling action box picture
Cisco Webex Calling

A one-stop calling solution, with the enterprise-grade features of a cloud PBX

Universal Calling Plans

Transform your business by streamlining your telephony and migrating to the cloud

Workplace Advisory Services

Get started on your journey to Cloud UC and Cloud Voice with our planning services including networks, people and ROI

Universal Access

Enable access to your existing telephony estate. Universal Access is a suite of services that enable continuity of operations and a smooth transition for the client