Migrate voice capabilities to the cloud

There are strong arguments for moving to cloud PBX. However, it can be complex to start the process.

That’s why it’s good to have an expert by your side to guide you through your transformation journey. We work with every organization to ensure that we understand their specific challenges and needs and create a tailored voice design and migration plan to meet those requirements.

Here are some of the challenges we can help you with :

Challenge 1 

'I want to migrate my users to Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams, but my telephony is an issue. I have several systems, managed by different teams in different locations and with different contracts.'

Our solution

With more than 200 Cloud UC experts globally, we support your cloud transformation end-to-end, combining your UC platform with enterprise Cloud Voice. We offer workshops to explore your environment and put the user experience at the center of your voice transformation. Our Cloud Voice solution allows the streamlining of your infrastructure as well as the simplification and consolidation of contracts, billing and support.

Challenge 2

'I want to transition my voice service to the cloud without compromising quality. I’m looking for a reliable, global service that can deliver at scale.’

Our solution

We own and operate our core network and deliver the quality and reliability expected from one of the world’s largest global tier-1 IP backbones. With a service level agreement guaranteeing 99.99% availability and full PSTN replacement available in 27 countries, Cloud Voice can be added to your enterprise’s cloud strategy without compromising on quality or being limited by location.

 Challenge 3

‘I want to migrate employees as smoothly as possible to Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams with voice while avoiding any interruption to communication during migration.’

Our solution

Cloud Voice is natively integrated with major cloud PBX and unified communications solutions including Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams.To simplify your digital transformation journey, users can seamlessly migrate between an on-premises PBX, a hosted PBX or a UC service without disruption. There is no need for new contracts, plans, user numbers or changes in pricing.

What’s your challenge with moving to the cloud? Take a look at our Calling Plans or Advisory Services to find the right solution for your organization.

Or contact us directly to figure out the best path forward.

A beginners guide to Cloud Voice - all your questions answered


Take a detailed look at our solutions and how they can help you.

Microsoft Teams Calling
Microsoft Teams Calling

Transition your calling to the cloud with Microsoft Teams Calling. We fully integrate cloud calling into Microsoft Teams with simple, flexible Universal Calling Plans and full PSTN replacement

Cisco Webex Calling

A one-stop calling solution, with the enterprise-grade features of a cloud PBX

Universal Calling Plans

Enable access to your existing telephony estate. Universal Access is a suite of services that enable continuity of operations and a smooth transition for the client

Workplace Advisory Services

Get started on your journey to Cloud UC and Cloud Voice with our planning services including networks, people and ROI