Activate contact center in the cloud

Customer experience (CX) is a key driver for any business strategy.
And making sure your customers can communicate easily, quickly and seamlessly with your business, anywhere and anytime, plays an essential role for a good CX.

"81% of organizations agree CX offers a competitive edge and 58% say it’s their primary differentiator. Yet, only 12% of organizations say customers rate their CX at a promoter level."

2020 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, NTT

Providing a superior customer service across all touchpoints while also containing costs can be challenging.

That’s why we offer cloud-native contact center solutions that integrate seamlessly with leading Cloud UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams. Realize the many benefits of a contact center in the cloud and choose the specific capabilities you need to get the exact customer experience you want.

Easily integrate your back-office systems and the latest technologies into your agents’ workflows without having to change the core of your workforce systems to enable remote work. Lower your IT and infrastructure costs. Increase productivity. Get centralized reporting and a flexible OPEX pricing model. Ensure security and guarantee reliability. But most importantly, engage your customers effortlessly across their favourite communications channels.

You don’t have Microsoft Teams but would like to add always-on, scalable access to your CX solution? With our Cloud Voice Service Numbers, you can handle large volumes of incoming calls, offer interactive menus, run call queues and more in 100+ countries worldwide.

Service Numbers provided by NTT are elastic in nature and can easily support your business when experiencing surges in traffic in case of unforeseen events. No matter how high the traffic peak – there is no limit and no need to book capacity in advance. You only pay for the voice minutes you use.

Our experienced team help you to find the right solution for your organization and ensure a smooth migration regardless of the communications systems used. Learn more about our different offers and services below.


Take a detailed look at our solutions and how they can help you.

Contact center for Microsoft Teams

Manage your contact center communications over any channel, on any device, from anywhere with Microsoft Teams, while improving workforce efficiency and transforming your customers’ experience into your competitive advantage

Service Numbers

Delivering voice as a cloud service. Leverage our ultra-fast and resilient network for your Cloud Voice solution