Increase employee engagement and boost productivity

Happy employees are engaged employees and engaged employees are productive employees. In fact, engaged employees are about 20% more productive than their disengaged counterparts.

Almost 90% of organizations recognize the value of a good employee experience (EX). However, well under half are fully satisfied with their EX capabilities.
Intelligent Workplace Report 2020, NTT

The key to happy and engaged employees is to empower them and give them a choice as to when, how and where to work. Modern workplace solutions play a substantial part in this as they offer the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere, with anyone and on any device.

But technology alone isn’t everything. Once the right tools are deployed, you need to make sure employees adopt and continue to use them correctly. The management and tracking of end-user behaviour needs to be actively catered for from project inception if you want to maximize your ROI.

Our experienced team of change managers supports you and your employees on your journey to a modern workplace. From user profiling to communication campaigns and training services they ensure user adoption to realize the full potential of your investments.

Furthermore, our Customer Success Managers provide you with accurate reports and success metrics to help you make wise business decisions and continuously optimize the value of investments made.

Five strategies to increase user adoption and boost your ROI


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