Ensure proper governance of your Cloud UC

94% of organizations say governance, risk and compliance (GRC) are important to their organization’s workplace strategy; 54% say it’s crucial.
2020 Intelligent Workplace Report, NTT

When planning your migration to Cloud UC, establishing a proper governance framework should be high on your agenda. It’s essential to ensure security as well as compliance and avoid chaos once employees start using your new technology.

Without clear guidelines, employees may accidentally leak sensitive information when unintentionally sharing documents with a wide group of users. Employees may also end up confused about how to use the new technology and therefore duplicate messages across channels or randomly create teams, channels or group chats that are never used properly and hamper productivity instead of enhancing it.

For a successful rollout of your Cloud UC solution you’ll need to define the rules of use for both administrators’ and end-users’ perspectives, including governance around channel creation, membership, naming convention, audience targeting, data security and channel lifecycles.

Our Advanced Services team can help you by providing an in-depth analysis of the technical and end-user governance approach for a successful Cloud UC rollout. That includes the capture of your current governance framework, governance options in your new Cloud UC environment, identification of governance gaps and a detailed proposition for future governance setting.

We can also support you in providing the required level of support and keep on top of governance after the rollout of your Cloud UC solution. With Support+ we offer a simple, proactive support and care package that allows you to let NTT take care of the operation of your Microsoft or Cisco environment, from incident management to service requests and customer success.

Let us take care of the operational workload while you focus on what really matters to your business

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