Hold professionally managed conference calls

Whether you are announcing your quarterly earnings, or hosting an annual general or investor relations meeting, fully managed audio conferences calls are a good alternative to a physical event.

Simple to organize and deliver, professionally hosted audio conferences enable you to reach your desired audience with ease.

You can ensure a smooth interaction between key stakeholders while driving engagement through question and answer sessions or polling. Plus, you guarantee that your audio event extends your organization’s brand identity through the set up of fully branded welcome messages and music options.

Accompanied throughout the event by your production specialist, each call is arranged according to your specific event requirements, following a pre-agreed format and script.

We deliver 5,000+ Investor Relations calls per year and our team of experts has created this guide to help you avoid potential stumbling blocks and ensure your call is a complete success.

10 top tips for running a successful investor relations call

The meetings run like clockwork, unlike with our previous vendor where there were frequent glitches. Having…live operator assistance gives us the assurance that any issues will be resolved instantly.

Ethel Watson, HR Business Analyst, MAG Americas


Take a detailed look at our virtual event solutions and how they can help you. No matter your budget, infrastructure, or its complexity, we are here to partner with you to make your event a success.

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