Digitalize events and large audience meetings

When you can’t host in-person events, digital events come into their own. You can engage global audiences or your internal teams with high-quality, interactive online events with our fully managed and self-service digital solutions.

Digital events provide a risk-free way to deliver your internal or external events. All while maximizing end-user experience and delivering meaningful cost savings to your organization.

They offer a way to deliver a sales kick-off, tradeshow or conference to your chosen audience – for a morning, a day, a full week – without the need for expensive venues or travel costs.

An online event provides a flexible option that you can either run as a full virtual experience or a hybrid event, where you connect your on-site event with the rest of your audience.

Digital Events has been identified as one of the top 5 technology focus areas in workplace strategy

2020 Intelligent Workplace Report, NTT

We work with our clients to review their business outcomes, develop a plan to address those needs and leverage our multiple service offering to drive overall success for any project. From consultancy and technical assessments to deployment and optimization, our experts ensure that our digital events solution maximizes your existing IT investments, is scalable and evolves with your every need.

Whether you are looking for an internal or external event replacement, we’re sure to have the solution to meet your requirements



Enhance your internal communications with digital events

Empower and connect your workforce to each other at a global, national or team level through high-quality, interactive digital events, including virtual events, webinars and webcasts and managed unified communications events.

Maximize your external digital events

Improve the effectiveness and increase the impact of your external events by going virtual. Transform complex communications into a simple task with customizable webcasts, webinars, virtual events and audio conferencing