Making your Internal Communication a success

  • Successful internal communication is essential for a motivated workforce; the key element of a high performance organisation.

    Arkadin works with you to provide visibility of leadership teams in webinars and webcasts for company wide announcements and departmental briefings; opening up appropriate communication channels while reduce costs and the time associated with travel.

    Arkadin's Digital Engagement team utilises the very best digital technology and a dedicated project manager will take care of all your needs to ensure that your message is successfully delivered, every time.

  • Arkadin manages single events, series and large scale projects including:

    • Optimisation of your network infrastructure to support large video based communications
    • Consultancy, implementation and adoption of a self-service webinar platform.
    • Multiple site managed video webcasts, with interaction between sites
    • Managed annual / quarterly / monthly company and departmental meetings
  • Key benefits of Arkadin Digital Engagement for Internal Communications

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      Attendee access from any device

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      Tools to drive attendee engagement

    • icon-key-management2.png

      Dedicated project manager

    • icon-secureaccess2.png

      Secure access

    • icon-webcam2.png

      Video webcasts and webinars

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      Professionally managed Q&A

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      Option to pre-record presentations for 'as live' broadcast

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      Controlled audience interaction with speakers


    5 Benefits of improving internal communication with video

    Why video should be part of your internal communication strategy

    Marketers have long understood the benefits of using video for communication, with almost 90% of them using video as part of their online marketing strategy. However, when it comes to internal communication, many organizations still lag behind and thereby miss out on major benefits.


    How to create employee engagement with webcasts

    Overcoming one of the biggest Internal Communication challenges 

    Employee engagement is the key to any company’s success. Having a committed and motivated workforce leads to a rich company culture, giving employees a sense of pride working for a company that cares about its people. But as an internal communication professional, how do you go about engaging employees?

    Find out more about how digital engagement can bring your workforce together

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      How video can transform your internal communications
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      Guide to Enterprise Virtual Town Hall Meetings
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      Understanding the “Art of the Possible” for Video Communications - an on demand webinar focusing on how internal communications can fully leverage video communication

    Uniting employees and driving engagement with video webcasting