About Web Collaboration Software

What to Look for in Web Collaboration Software

Web collaboration software is in demand, as conferencing online has proven its worth as a means of conducting business. Web collaboration software enables remote meeting participants, each with an internet-connected computer, to see and interact with a shared desktop view. When choosing a web collaboration solution for your organisation, be sure to consider these questions:


Can the solution provider support all your potential business cases? On line meetings vary widely in purpose and scope, from the daily project status meeting on up to professional quality webinars and webcasts. Make sure you're working with a web collaboration software provider who understands your needs and can support them all.

How easy or difficult is it to set up and use the web collaboration software? Since web conferencing is a relatively new tool for many businesses, ease of use will have a big impact on its adoption rate and ROI within your organisation.

How well does the service provider accommodate the integration of audio and video into web meetings? You'll always want audio with your web meetings, and you may sometimes want video for the added sense of participant presence it brings. How easy will this be, and will it require working with additional providers?

How well does the provider support international collaboration? If you don't yet conduct international business, you may in the future. Is the provider equipped to support the particular demands of the global conference call?

Arkadin Delivers Web Collaboration Software as a Service

Arkadin is one of the fastest growing provider of conferencing and collaboration solutions, servicing more than 14,000 client organisations and millions of users worldwide. Employing a cloud-based service model, we deliver integrated audio, video, and web conferencing solutions that are easy to deploy and use.

Arkadin offers complete web collaboration software solutions covering all use cases, from casual status meetings to professionally produced webinars to webcasts for large events like product launches or investor relations meetings. Arkadin web conferencing services integrate easily with our premier quality audio conferencing and video conferencing solutions.

As a global company with offices in 27 countries, Arkadin is particularly attuned to the requirements of the international conference call. Our global collaboration platform is optimised for international service, with innovative features like enabling an organisation to use a single list of access numbers for international conferences, regardless of where the participants are located.