About Global Conference Call

Reliability and Quality in the Global Conference Call

For many of today's leading enterprises, the global conference call is an essential means of doing business. Whether it's an audio-only call, a video conference, or a web-based "virtual meeting", the global conference call enables real-time collaboration across all business units as well as between companies and their international suppliers, partners, and customers. Since these meetings often involve mission-critical communications, businesses need a global conference call service that they can count on each and every time. The call process must go smoothly, so participants can focus exclusively on call content.


Arkadin: Superior Support for the Global Conference Call

Today, companies that need superior reliability and quality in a global conferencing service turn to Arkadin. Devoted exclusively to the conferencing and collaboration market since our founding in 2001, Arkadin provides customers with the best available support for global conference calls:

Next-generation networking. To ensure the best global conference call experience for our customers, Arkadin uses the most advanced global networking technologies, including Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) with dedicated bandwidth reservation for higher resiliency and quality of service. For further resilience and reliability, redundancy is provided for all network elements.

Intelligent routing. Each international conference call is hosted on a single bridge, selected by an intelligent dispatcher for optimal performance. Hosting each global conference call on a single bridge eliminates the need for IP linking between several bridges, thereby maximising reliability and transmission quality within the call. This distinguishes Arkadin from other international collaboration providers whose services host participants in the same call on different bridges.

Superior audio quality. Employing no voice compression, and using signal treatment to eliminate latency, noise, and echo, Arkadin's phone conference service achieves measurable first class audio quality on 99.99% of peak usage calls.

Maximum security. With Arkadin's advanced private IP networking, connections for your global conference call do not transit through the public network. Private dial-in numbers and PIN codes provide added assurance that your communications remain secure.

Integration of your VOIP network. For large organisations with very many system users, Arkadin supports seamless integration of your IP-telephony network into the Arkadin global private network, to help you minimise your costs.

Cloud service delivery for easy deployment. Using a cloud service delivery model, Arkadin enables rapid international roll-out of your conferencing system as well as unlimited scalability, free automatic upgrades, and usage-based pricing. Our easy-to-deploy cloud-based solutions span all conferencing types including audio, video, and web conferencing, as well as unified communications services.