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Upgrade the quality of my conferencing solutions


Whether you organize a global company communication or a weekly sales meeting, what you really want is that your message gets across to people in a crystal clear manner. And there are so many solutions on the market that it makes it complex to select the right one. You can use free B2C solutions of course. 
But is it really about the cost of the solution? What about making sure the quality and the reliability of the solution will be there the day you organize your meeting? What if someone is on mobility situation and can only use a mobile phone, outside of the company network? Will you be able to share your screen and to use your existing video room system? Is there someone to support you or your participants in real time? Of course you want to control all of this and potentially in an international context while making sure the solution is still cost effective.


Upgrading the quality of your conferencing solutions can be achieved quickly thanks to the selection of the right tool. At Arkadin we propose a selected portfolio of professional, reliable and affordable collaboration solutions. Our solutions are providing high quality audio (with local toll numbers or toll free numbers in more than 115 countries), high definition screen sharing and HD video. You can use our solutions with a simple standard landline phone or with the latest Smartphone app or even with the latest HD video room system. Of course, you don’t have to worry about what device is going to be used since our solutions are highly interoperable and all work together. They are deployed and reachable worldwide and we make sure they are available and always up-to-date with the latest technologies.
Our people are trained to select the right solution with you, to deploy it across your organization, to run them, to make sure the adoption is a success and to provide live assistance should anything happen. We are able to cover the standard day-to-day meeting requirement but also high quality impact CEO company events. 


  • Everyone can join the audio, web or video call.
  • You sound professional and look good during your meetings.
  • Your communication happens when you want and it is always a success.
  • Your people focus on the messages they want to convey rather than on the solution they try to use.
  • The solution is always up-to-date, available, scalable and maintained.


  • Engage with the Arkadin local people. We are in more than 30 countries so it is more than likely that one of our offices is close to you!
  • Try the quality and availability of our solutions with the assistance of our people. 
  • Deploy our solutions across your organization!

Talk to our experts now

Get in touch with our service advisors for fast friendly service on the best solutions for you

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Case Study

When Cambridge Assessment launched their WebEx service through Arkadin in order to take full advantage of the comprehensive support and training offered by the Arkadin web team. Arkadin’s fully branded web collaboration solutions for Cambridge Assessment offer the user the ability to share their desktop, documents and applications, giving them annotation capabilities via a whiteboard facility. Users also have a visual representation of their Anytime conference, allowing them to dial out to people, view a list of who is on the call, record the session and mute participants.

We were looking to work with a company that could provide technology as a service and evolve with our communication plans. That would mean working with our users to create solutions that would suit many different business requirements, rather than just being sold a service and then left to our own devices.
Cambridge Assessment

APAC HQ, Singapore

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