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We see two growing trends happening in businesses today:

  • Business Communications Tools Consolidation - Businesses have multiple/too many virtual communications tools at their disposal: Traditional phones, audio conferencing, web sharing services, IM and Presence tools, video conference as a service, legacy video conference rooms, Microsoft Office 365 etc...These are not standardized and they cost business more than they should do. How can businesses can consolidate all these tools?
  • Cloud Telephony Development  - Corporate phone systems are ageing and are very expensive to maintain in both capex and opex. How can businesses reduce these telephony and infrastructure costs? How can you have your IT staff focusing on more strategic projects?


Arkadin Total Connect is a full unified communications suite that encompasses telephony, audio, web, video conferencing and contact center into one complete solution. Skype for Business simply becomes your phone system and collaboration solution. Hosted in the Arkadin cloud, our customers can easily migrate from their current telephony system to Arkadin Total Connect by keeping the same functionalities. Additionally if you already have Office 365, Arkadin Total Connect seamlessly links the two solutions, making it easy for implementation. If your business has additional requirements such as a contact center, advanced analytics, recording features, or even Office 365 Arkadin can provide these as a one stop shop unified communications service provider. Hosted in the best data centers in the US, Europe and Asia, the solution is available globally. 


  • Simplicity: one single communication solution (audio, web, video, telephony) for your entire business.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership: telephony costs, communication tools, PBX maintenance costs and more.
  • Reliability: state of the art global platforms.
  • Integrated with Office 365: Arkadin Total Connect integrates seamlessly in the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Scalability: ability to easily increase number of users depending of needs.
  • The solution is cloud based, always up-to-date, available, scalable and maintained.


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Talk to our experts now

Get in touch with our service advisors for fast friendly service on the best solutions for you

I need to help

Case study

When Lionfish set out to find a cloud-based solution on a single, all-in-one platform to meet their needs for telephony, presence, messaging and collaboration, they looked to their largest client, Microsoft. Having marketed many Microsoft products, Seattle-based Lionfish was familiar with their UC&C brands.
While Microsoft Lync and Exchange offered the functionality they required, at the time they were not available in an integrated public cloud environment. Lionfish was faced with the prospect of deploying their own servers and software on-premises, entailing substantial capital and operating expense to deploy and maintain them. The Microsoft Lync product team referred Lionfish to Arkadin. 

As we looked for a solution to improve our ability to do online meetings and lower our cost for telephony, Lync was a great solution. Arkadin was the only company to figure out how to deliver Lync in the cloud through the Total Connect brand, making it cost-efficient to deploy.
Nic Wildeman, Principal, Lionfish

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