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Reduce my conferencing spend


  • My sales force is distributed amongst several different offices in many cities
  • To provide a better work/life balance opportunity, many of our salespeople work from their home offices, but still need to be engaged and connected with the rest of the team.  Doing this today with a combination of travel to team meetings is not economically feasible.
  • In order to provide for team unity, increase our productivity and vital daily sharing of sales results, best practices andinformation, we need to communicate every day.  Some team conferences will be the entire team, some will break out into individual groups on a particular client’s proposal.  Currently, we have a combination of people in an office and others who are “on the road”, causing difficulty and expense to bring everyone together.
  • With the size and scope of our sales force, there are as many different conferencing providers; we need to organize our conferencing services (audio, web and video) on a single, easy to use platform with one provider to support us.


  • “Unified Communications” from Arkadin takes on a different meaning by providing a single, compatible and interactive collaboration and communications services platform to simplify conferencing.
  • Working on any combination of internet and phone connections, Arkadin’s solution offers a unique set of services to bring all participants together using a single service platform.
  • By reducing the volume and variety of different conferencing platforms and combining on Arkadin’s single-provider solution, there is one source and one invoice to work with.


  • When sales teams are empowered to utilize a single collaboration platform that is so easy to use with its one-click conferencing scheduler, they will communicate on their own, within organized sales meetings and on an as needed basis, improving productivity and keeping the team “connected”.
  • By working with Arkadin’s collaboration platform, you and your salespeople won’t have to purchase different and incompatible services from different companies. 


To learn how Arkadin can simplify and help to optimize your conferencing and collaboration platform, please contact us.

Talk to our experts now

Get in touch with our service advisors for fast friendly service on the best solutions for you

I need to help

Case Study

The Lync server solution which Arkadin spearheaded is shared by multiple companies, which significantly reduces the high costs associated with having a dedicated private cloud for each business. The hosted Total Connect service is delivering tens of thousands of dollars in savings from Lionfish’s previous collaboration solutions. 

Arkadin was the only company to figure out how to deliver Lync in the cloud through the Total Connect brand, making it cost-efficient to deploy. I estimate we saved $50,000 in one year by making the shift. For a small company like ours that’s significant.
Nic Wildeman, Principal, Lionfish

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