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Organise and manage an important meeting and/or a meeting with a large audience


  • The meeting will have a high level of visibility within my organisation.
  • There is a lot of pressure for the event to run smoothly, especially as several C-Level executives will be speaking.
  • As a team we are not comfortable with running our own event, especially as we need to focus on developing the messaging and content for the event.
  • We have international attendees who may require local assistance.
  • We are concerned that attendees may not focus on the meeting content.
  • Our IT department has concerns about overloading our network bandwidth limits.


  • A white glove, concierge service, with a proven track record for delivering seamless virtual events for business critical communications - approximately 100 events every working day around the world.  The scale and type of event is determined by what you want to achieve and what is needed to make your event a success… 
  • Whether it’s an audio event (operator manager conference call), webinar or video conference, the Arkadin project manager will look in detail at all the event logistics and services – this includes the selection of an appropriate platform from one of our leading event technology partners, the provision of on-site video crews and sound engineers to conference call operators and event branding. They can also arrange a rehearsal to check the technical aspects, if it’s a complex event, or arrange a dry run to give you or your speakers hands on training with the technology.  The Arkadin team will manage the event on the day and ensure that any content used is delivered at the right time.  
  • Attendee engagement can be encouraged by using polls or a survey.  Depending on the type of event used, attendees can also be asked to comment on ideas or content.  Arkadin can also deliver a moderated Q&A via audio or online chat with controls in place to ensure the session runs smoothly.
  • International access online or via local dial-in numbers, with local support for event attendees.
  • Implementation of network bandwidth easing technologies for example peer-to-peer, unicasting, multicasting.


  • Arkadin takes the pressure off, so you can focus on the content, rather than the logistics of your event.
  • You have the reassurance of delivering a professional meeting that is easily accessible to all your attendees
  • Measure the success of your event, with post-event reports and analysis.  Data can include participant lists and depending on the options selected, information on attendee engagement and survey and polling results.
  • You can extend the life of your event with optional archiving and on-demand services.


To find out how Arkadin Event can help you to deliver your next high profile meeting, please contact us.

Talk to our experts now

Get in touch with our service advisors for fast friendly service on the best solutions for you

I need to help

Case Study

“Our original aim,” recalls Mr Wataru Mitsumori from IT Support at Nestlé Japan., “Was to enable global executives visiting Japan to convey their message directly to key management personnel at our sites around the country. We needed a progressive way to bring costs down without sacrificing the real-time nature of the communication.”

To make this remote conferencing project even more significant, Mr Mitsumori decided to use it as an in-house demonstration of iPad functionality.

Prior to the forum, Arkadin’s event team studied the venue, checked the acoustics and carefully tested the audio and video quality to ensure they met all the customer’s requirements. Arkadin chose to use ArkadinAnytime audio conferencing and Cisco WebEx as it offered an iPad app with professional quality presentation sharing as well as the fully integrated video conferencing that Nestlé Japan required.

The support provided by Arkadin was really diligent and much appreciated. They were able to understand our needs and propose a well-judged solution. They also took on board what could and could not be achieved within our budget before proceeding. The speakers at the Q&A session venue would be speaking in English so Arkadin talked to us about how the audio and the interpreting would be structured. They had a good grasp of what was needed to ensure that the speakers’ words would be relayed in Japanese to the participants at our domestic sites.
Wataru Mitsumori, IT Support, Nestlé Japan Ltd

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