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Move my conferencing solutions to the cloud


  • One of the big issues faced by companies is managing many parallel communications systems, with centres in different locations and all needing local management and resources. This can be costly and cumbersome.
  • The availability of service can also be problematic:  as services are linked to local centres, they are not redundant and may not have back-up facilities.
  • In fact one of the major challenges for the IT function in general is to reduce the total cost of ownership of their many communications systems.


  • These factors are driving many businesses to move to a Cloud-based model, which has many benefits.


  • One of the benefits of a Cloud-based model is that companies can roll out new services and features at their own pace and quickly scale up as the business needs grows.  All service updates are provided automatically as part of the contract.
  • An additional benefit is the interoperability with existing communications tools, which means that companies can have a hybrid phase whilst they transition to new services.
  • A Cloud-based structure will also be considerably more cost-effective as the costs of servicing multiple locations are reduced and benefits of economy are gained from having one higher volume contract.
  • One of Arkadin’s particular strengths is providing a very comprehensive service offer on top of the Cloud-based solution:  this is important as a key success factor in rolling out these new services is informing end users, raising awareness of the new tools and their benefits and helping companies manage the cultural change involved in adopting new ways of working.  


  • If your company would like to find out more about the benefits of moving to the Cloud, please contact one of our team who would be more than happy to talk through your aims and business needs.

Talk to our experts now

Get in touch with our service advisors for fast friendly service on the best solutions for you

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Case study

High quality video technologies are essential for TeleMed2U to provide clients with real-time virtual access to specialist physicians. The multi-specialty board-certified physicians use state-of-the-art technology to enable members to work in tandem with affiliated medical facilities to provide consultations when patients need it most. Founder Javeed Siddiqui, MD is one of the nation’s foremost telemedicine specialists, having secured government grants to develop the first private-sector inpatient infectious-disease telemedicine service in the U.S.
The high definition [HD] video and medical imaging quality of the technology enables them to engage in video collaborations for reliable and secure interactions. Up to nine video endpoints can be accessed simultaneously from any computer desktop or legacy end-point, including traditional, room-based systems. The technology is interoperable with most legacy video conferencing platforms and provides encryption to facilitate secure sharing of patient information and images. In addition, the service integrates with biometric devices and EMR databases. Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets make it convenient for TeleMed2U physicians to practice while traveling or working remotely.

When we switched to the Arkadin/Vidyo platform, it allowed us to rethink how we practiced medicine. We were no longer limited to video conferencing hardware. We could use a software-based platform that allows us to increase our endpoints, significantly reducing the limitations for our physicians.”
Javeed Siddiqui, MD, Founder & CMO, TeleMed2U

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