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Today we see many challenges businesses are faced with:

  • Increasingly complex IT environments – combining several different UC and collaboration services.
  • Managing multiple solutions and tools across different vendors.
  • Increased pressure to monetise existing systems and infrastructure, rather than start from scratch.
  • Keeping competitive in an ever changing business environment and the pace of new technologies.
  • Driving a collaboration culture – one that addresses a more mobile, flexible workforce.
  • Addressing the move towards a more digital workplace.
  • Building a clear collaboration roadmap that is scalable and provides the very best quality and most cost-efficient service for your size and type of business. 


  • Experience: We have been providing businesses with market leading collaboration and communication solutions since 2001. We have a deep understanding of your business challenges, because we help customers to overcome them every day.
  • Trust: we understand that decisions about company-wide deployment bring pressure and risk and you need absolute trust in a company that can deliver the proposed solution. We have over 37,000 clients worldwide that trust us.
  • Flexibility: We have the experience, credibility, people and tools to work with you and your team to propose the best communication solution for your size and type of business – and your industry focus.
  • Business Partner: We take a long term, strategic view and will look at your end to end infrastructure and short to long term needs, creating the very best solution available. As a member of the NTT Group, you have a solid and reliable business partner that can meet all your IT needs.
  • Global Reach:  we have built our strong global presence through a value proposition that offers best-of-breed cloud and UC&C solutions; premium quality of services; truly local end-to-end client support, and high interoperability and integration capabilities. We remain committed to these principles in our dealings with all our clients worldwide, which range from SMBs to large multi-national enterprise customers.


  • Market leading best of breed Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions by partnering with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Blue Jeans, IBM, Nasdaq OMX, On24 and Vidyo. 
  • Scalable collaboration solutions that meet your specific business needs. Whether you’re an SME or large Enterprise.
  • Solutions delivered in the SaaS ‘Software-as-a-Service’ model for fast and easy deployment that is scalable and reduces IT resources and upfront capital investments.
  • Best-in-class audio, web, video conferencing and UC solutions that are intuitive and feature-rich and deliver an exceptional user experience. 
  • Premium audio conferencing seamlessly integrated with all our solutions, which are also mobile-enabled so users can collaborate from any device, anywhere.
  • Managed Services offering concierge and event services, end-points management and infrastructure monitoring, supporting businesses with both cloud-based and on-premises systems.
  • Single supplier that takes care of the entire process – from project management and consultancy, through to deployment and implementation services with dedicated account management, internal communication, end user training, and ongoing comprehensive local customer support.


To find out more about how Arkadin can help you find the right solution for your business please contact us.

Talk to our experts now

Get in touch with our service advisors for fast friendly service on the best solutions for you

I need to help

Case study

As a supplier of brake systems and systems and components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment and connectivity solutions, vehicle electronics, tires and technical elastomers, Continental holds subsidiaries in almost 46 countries. To make sure teams and individuals from all over the world work together efficiently, in 2009 the company decided to consolidate the number of conferencing systems and external providers from five to just one in Europe.

After an intensive evaluation Continental selected Arkadin to provide the web and audio conferencing services for both its European subsidiaries and its headquarters in Germany.

The combination of cost and quality was a strong argument for Arkadin. Besides, we realized that Arkadin is much more flexible than the other providers we looked at while the team was able to provide the level of expertise we needed.
Reiner Birn, Head of Telecommunications, Continental

APAC HQ, Singapore

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