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Boost engagement in my meetings


The success of implementation a conferencing solution resides in getting the adoption from users. We often think about meeting organizer but most of online meetings audience is composed of participants and one very common issue we face with remote collaboration is the lack of attention of the participants. The impact can significantly impact the tool ROI, this is why Arkadin thought about faciliating users' engagement.


Boosting engagement in your meetings is complex but it can be solved by applying a simple rule: make online conferencing easy. Not only does Arkadin make it easy for the meeting organizer but we pay attention to participants experience during their call, from the invitation they receive to the features available during the meeting.



Smooth and easy for all attendees.

Your participants:

  • will receive an invitation containing all conference details (time, link to the web conference, access numbers, support details).
  • will be able to enter the meeting with a single click from the invitation (no login or password required), no software installation.
  • will be able to join a meeting using their own technology (in the case of using BlueJeans interoperability feature).
  • will be able to connect on their smartphone or tablet devices.
  • will be welcomed by a meeting host (in the case of virtual events).
  • will be able to share their desktop with others in a single click using our intuitive interfaces.
  • will be able to chat with meeting organizer using a messaging feature during the call.

Monitored meetings.

On the organizer end, measuring the impact of a meeting can turn into a complex task. Yet, this is a key success factor if you are looking to improve your meetings. Arkadin conferencing solutions come along with a range of reporting features which will help raising meeting dashboards.
The organizer:

  • will be able to list all participants who have joined the call (name & phone number) & absentees who didn’t show up.
  • will know precisely for each participant when he entered/left the call and how many minutes he attended the meeting.
  • will be able to record all his meetings (audio & web) and share it via a link (no download and hosting required).
  • will be able to set a Q&A session at the end of the call (in the case of virtual events).

Be heard crystal clear.

The quality of your conference also plays a key role in your audience engagement. Arkadin provides your with the best audio quality available on the market at the moment (premium audio using PSTN lines). We also support the latest VoIP technology to guarantee a smooth audio quality if connected via the Internet only.

Seeing is believing.

Video conferencing is also a great engagement enhancer. Non-verbal communication accounts for more than 50% of the effect of a message. This includes posture, gestures and facial expressions. With the growing popularity of personal, social video calling, users are now increasingly more familiar with visual online communication and expect to find business-grade versions of their preferred video conferencing tools in the workplace. Still, most of today’s free video calling solutions lack the security and performance features as well as technical support needed to perform in a professional capacity. From telepresence room systems to personal video conferencing environments, Arkadin delivers both hardware and software solutions to turn any existing video conferencing environment – including legacy end-points – into a scalable, interoperable solution accessible via the internet.


Arkadin can help boosting engagement in your meetings by providing you the right tools depending on your usage. We strongly believe everyone's conferencing solutions needs are not the same, depending on the number of users, the features they will need and the frequency of their meetings. In order to choose the best product, tailored to your needs & usage, please contact us, we will be happy to discuss your project.

Talk to our experts now

Get in touch with our service advisors for fast friendly service on the best solutions for you

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Case Study

Today, Arkadin services are utilized by ArisGlobal employees in their day-to-day work, clocking up over 52,000 minutes per month of conferencing time. The majority of usage is in the US, UK, India and Japan. Besides hosting external conferences with customers and prospects, the service is also used internally by employees across all divisions at all levels.

Collaboration solutions provide a more engaging means to communicate effectively for our external and internal people, to feel that they are in direct touch with the organisation.

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