Upgrade to Microsoft Teams with Cloud Transformation Services

As Microsoft announced to terminate Skype for Business/ Lync, it's not an easy job to choose the right communications tool for your entire organization, especially if you plan to move to cloud at the same time.

We understand the pain and challenges to move from Skype for Business/ Lync to Micrsoft Teams. We help organizations assess, plan and execute on the migration from Skype to Teams, including Cloud Voice (aka cloud telephony). No matter which version of Skype for Business/Lync you have deployed, we have an upgrade plan to support your transformation.

Our end-to-end apporach includes:

  • Adoption - any technology or tool is only handy if end users adopt to use
  • Enhancement - additional value-adding services that you can choose to add to your Microsoft Teams applicaiton
  • Optimization - post-sales services including reporting, quality control and many more

If you are planning to transit from SKype for Business/ Lync to Microsoft Teams, download our e-book and learn more about our holistic apporach to support companies during the journey of migration.