• AI Group

    AI Group

    Using video conferencing to drive greater efficiencies and substantially lower travel expenses

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  • Medibank


    Delivering professional, managed webcasts to bring together thousands of people

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  • Al Tamimi & Co

    Improving communication between member firms.

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  • American Cancer Society

    American Cancer Society

    Reaching large audiences without any bandwidth issues

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  • ArisGlobal


    Collaboration solutions provide more engagement for effective communications

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  • Bell-Park


    Utilizing existing video hardware with a cloud based video conferencing solution

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  • British Chamber of Commerce Singapore

    Looking for a solution provider that could work with them to manage the process end-to-end.

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  • Cambridge Assessment

    Cambridge Assessment

    Enhancing national and international communications

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  • CH Dunan

    Facilitating access to medical and surgical specialists for remote population

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  • Continental


    Less travelling, faster processes and convenient communications

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  • California Telehealth Network


    Expanding access to healthcare while decreasing equipment and IT costs

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  • Dennis Publishing

    Dennis Publishing

    Deliver engaging and lead generating webinars for B2B clients

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