Master your displays from A to Z with our online training solution

With Adobe Connect for eLearning, you can easily create virtual classes, which participants can attend from their computers as well as from their mobile phones without downloading a thing.

Our online training solution has many advantages over in-person training, including immediate document sharing during web conferencing, simplified registration management and rigorous follow-up of every participant’s progress.

Why choose operated-assisted events

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Organize your webinars with Adobe Connect for Webinars

Webinar organization doesn’t have to be complicated.

We can help you to:

  • Promote and increase registrations to your webinar
  • Maximize participant loyalty for your web events
  • Identify your most promising leads
  • Deliver detailed, real-time monitoring of your webinars

Adobe Connect for Webinars and Arkadin’s integrated solutions enable customization of your homepages, measurement of commitment rate in real time, and behavioral analysis of your participants.