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Phone Conference Service from the Cloud

As corporate workforces grow more dispersed and mobile, phone conferences have become an essential means of remote communication and collaboration among co-workers. When deciding how best to fill their phone conference service needs, businesses should carefully consider issues of quality, reliability, ease and speed of deployment, scalability, and total cost of ownership. By these criteria and more, a phone conference service based in "the cloud" can deliver substantial advantages. Cloud services are provided over the internet on a pay-per-use basis and have become an increasingly popular means of meeting business IT needs.

Arkadin is a leader in applying the cloud service model to phone conference service as well as to video conferencing, online conferencing, and unified communication services.


The Arkadin Phone Conference Service Cloud

By leveraging the Arkadin cloud collaboration platform for your phone conference service, your organization benefits in many ways including:

  • Minimize up-front effort and costs. With Arkadin's cloud-based phone conference service, there's no need to purchase or install hardware or software. For audio, web, or video conference calls, all your organization needs are phones, web browsers, and an internet connection.
  • Deploy more quickly and with more certainty. With the Arkadin phone conference service, deployment is greatly simplified and accelerated, even for global enterprises. With simpler deployment backed by Arkadin's conferencing expertise, your business eliminates the risks associated with attempting to build a phone conference service solution in-house.
  • Scale up or down, and pay only for what you need. As with most business IT systems, if built and operated in-house a phone conference service carries substantial risk of under-utilization as your needs rise and fall. Under-utilization of an on-premise system means, of course, that you've paid for more than you're using. By contrast, Arkadin's cloud-based conferencing service easily scales up and down, and you can pay for only what you need.
  • Minimize IT and support staff effort. With Arkadin providing 24x7x365 technical support – as well as local live operator availability for each audio conference call, available in 14 languages – your internal IT and support people can focus on more pressing business needs.
  • Automatic updates to the best available technology. Arkadin uses only the best technology in its phone conference systems and networks, such as Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) with dedicated bandwidth reservation, for higher resiliency and quality of service. With Arkadin's cloud-based collaboration services, you never have to plan for or implement technology updates – it's all taken care of automatically by Arkadin.