Online training: save time and money while boosting productivity

One of the keys to success for any company is adaptability. A learning management system that delivers quality eLearning sessions gives you a powerful, cost-effective way to train your employees. Unlike traditional training, online training enables hundreds of participants to benefit from a single eLearning session. Online training also allows you to organize different sessions adapted to the learning levels of different participants, all at the same time.

What’s more, participants can join the conference directly from their smartphones or tablets. This offers participants extraordinary freedom and flexibility. The learning curve for familiarizing employees with new processes and products used to take weeks or even months. With online training sessions, it can be reduced to a few days.

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Discover a rich online training experience with Cisco WebEx Training Center

The difference between a traditional eLearning solution and Cisco WebEx Training Center lies in interactivity. Cisco WebEx Training Center eLearning sessions allow participants to:

  • Share multimedia, applications, or whiteboards
  • Chat, and take target surveys or quizzes
  • Record live sessions and build up an on-demand training library

The features of the Cisco WebEx Training Center learning management system ensure that your participants remain fully focused and engaged throughout their online training sessions. Their interaction levels can be tracked, measured, and analyzed. The organizer can use this data to ensure increased efficiency and participant interactivity for future eLearning sessions.

Get a secure and powerful learning management system with Cisco WebEx Training Center

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Its high-definition live video (up to 720p) coupled with Arkadin sound technology offers an enhanced web meeting experience. Even with as many as 1000 participants, your eLearning session with be bug-free with no latency times.