Remote Support: an easy way to boost the efficiency of your web meetings

During a web conference, there’s always a chance of a technical issue or a user question. Remote Support for Cisco WebEx Support Center provided by Arkadin is designed to enable you to diagnose and solve software problems almost instantly. Thanks to the web ACD queue manager, you can guide your online presentation users to the right technical specialist fast.

Remote Support services also allow you to view and take remote control of a user’s computer and reboot it without leaving a session thanks to the safe mode.

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Customize your Remote Support to respond to all your customers’ needs

Productivity and customer satisfaction depend on the quality of your web conferencing solution and its associated Remote Support. Cisco WebEx Support Center provided by Arkadin allows you to maximize first call resolution and minimize call times.

Always seeking to increase the quality of your service, Cisco WebEx Support Center provided by Arkadin helps reduce overall support costs. With Remote Support, you can assist up to 5 users or customers per assistant. It’s like a powerful multi-session interface for better user management.

Cisco WebEx Support Center: An easy-to-manage Remote Support system

One of the greatest advantages of the Remote Support service is its ease of use. The following functions showcase its flexibility:

  • Any customer can call Remote Support from your website or mail signature
  • A chat session with the technician enables a preliminary evaluation to diagnose the problem
  • Real-time collection of user data and software installation enable fast, economical resolution of technical problems

Benefit from continuously enhanced Remote Support for customers and exceed your service level agreement (SLA) objectives with Cisco WebEx Support Center provided by Arkadin.