Cisco WebEx Event Center: powerful, professional online presentations

For more competitive, brand-building marketing events and conferences, test the webinar services offered by Cisco WebEx Event Center provided by Arkadin. You’ll benefit from flawless video quality (360p) and Arkadin’s HD sound system. Whether for product launches in front of thousands of participants or for private web conferencing, Cisco WebEx Event Center provided by Arkadin offers the full package.

Want to prepare for a web conference, rehearse with your partners, or finalize your speech? Cisco WebEx Event Center provides you with a private virtual room. This four star webinar service is ideal for increasing the impact of your company’s marketing messages.

Cisco WebEx free trial

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Cisco WebEx Event Center: the perfect service for all your web conferencing and web marketing events.

Web conferencing is easy. But managing your event from start to finish isn’t. You need a partner that does it all. With Cisco WebEx Event Center provided by Arkadin, automation and personalization of invitations and registrations are integrated, allowing you exceptional freedom for the preparation of your webinar.

You’ll not only save time preparing your online presentation, you’ll be able to engage your audience with powerful webinar services like instant surveys, chats, targeted Q&As, and multiple displays, ensuring spectacular attention and retention results.

Measure, validate and leverage web conferencing data

Cisco WebEx Event Center provided by Arkadin is so much more than a simple web conferencing solution! It allows you to:

  • Generate programs
  • Manage campaigns
  • Conduct post-event surveys

Lead monitoring is faster and easier than with a physical conference. You can precisely track your prospects. But the revolution doesn’t stop there. You can also import all of your data into your CRM or Marketing Automation System. Cisco WebEx Event Center provided by Arkadin lets you record all of your webinars for on-demand use, enabling you to extend your reach to any number of people.