Cisco CCA-Arkadin provides the best hybrid (PSTN and VoIP) experience, with native WebEx Meetings and Cisco CMR integration.

Cisco CCA-Arkadin makes meetings more effective with an integrated audio, web, and video conferencing experience across any device. It provides significant cost savings by leveraging your current on-premise IP telephony investments, Arkadin’s global network for PSTN calling, and Cisco Cloud for VoIP, which does not consume any resources. Flexible enterprise-wide pricing options make conferencing affordable with predictable costs and optimized cost savings.

Cisco CCA-Arkadin provides the best experience across any device by delivering the service directly from the secure Cisco Cloud, integrating natively with WebEx meetings and Cisco CMR. You get the best of both worlds: Telecom cost reduction and superior PSTN conferencing from Arkadin and native Cisco WebEx VoIP.