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Remote collaboration works for companies of any size, especially for smaller ones that might not have extensive travel budgets to visit their prospects and clients. Small businesses also have to deal with distributed organizations involving business partners, vendors, remote employees and clients.

small business iconArkadin offers the same professional audio, web and video solutions as those used by larger corporations, combining security and quality, and better adapted to the less formal, faster moving environment of small companies. You can even buy Arkadin's services online, per minute or for a low, monthly flat fee.

Small business requirements
Ensure clients/partners can participate on conference calls
Demo products to prospects and capture leads
Manage projects with customers and partners in different locations
Buy and roll-out collaboration solutions quickly
Our answers
Reservationless and high quality audio conferencing
Webinar features to share slides over the internet
Fully interactive web meetings that combine audio and web
Self-service online registration and service management
Our recommendations for small businesses
All collaboration services
Audio, web and video conferencing

You may want to browse our offer portfolio to learn more about business usage and benefits of audio, web and video conferencing. Find out which service is right for you.

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