Tue, 11/29/2011 - 00:00 Asia Pacific

Arkadin Receives Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Growth Leadership Award for the Second Year in a Row

Arkadin’s outstanding performance in revenue growth and customer adoption and retention were cited as key factors through Frost & Sullivan’s comprehensive research and analysis of leading audio providers in the region.
“As the recipient for the second continuous year of the growth leadership award in Asia Pacific, Arkadin continued to exhibit outstanding performance in revenue growth and customer retention,” says Jessie Yu, Industry Analyst from the Asia Pacific ICT Practice of Frost & Sullivan. “During 2010, the company expanded its footprint in the emerging markets of China and India, and witnessed greater adoption in key markets of Japan, Australia and Singapore. The timely identification of opportunities in distinct customer segments and the partnership with SingTel proved to be a critical factor for Arkadin in attracting new customers to adopt its services, especially mid-to-large enterprises.”

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